If you liked us, be sure to check out these cool sites!



Artists' Television Access

Website for Artists' Television Access, home of Other Cinema.

Aurora Picture Show

Non-profit center for film, video and new media housed in a 1924 church building in Houston, Texas.


Microcinema.com supports the promulgation of alternative art by acting as a curator and producer of independent video, film, and digital media shorts.



Website of the totally great SF-based Film Arts Foundation, the one-stop shop for funding, training, exhibition, and other resources for the indie filmmaker.


Our favorite corporate website.

Video Activist Network

The Video Activist Network (VAN) is an informal association of activists and politically conscious artists using video to support social, economic and environmental justice campaigns.

Whispered Media

Whispered Media is a video activist collective and part of a rapidly growing grassroots media movement.


Thad Povey

Information on Thad Povey and his films.

Martha Colburn

News and information on Martha Colburn's artwork, film, and music.

Oregon Department of Kick Ass

Information on Vanessa Renwick and her films.

Heat Signature

Information on Greta Snider and her films.

Modern Television

Phil Patiris' legendary website of deconstructive TV.


Negativland's official website.




Official website for Zukunftfsmusik productions.

Sylvia Schedelbauer

Marvelous experimental and personal essay films using archival material.

Film Journals


Moving-picture archaeology at its best! From world cinema to local indie, Cinemad digs it up

Senses of Cinema

An online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.


A/V Geeks

Official website for A/V Geeks, the NC-based cinema for Coronets, filmstrips and other vintage education films. Soon coming to a town near you...


Homepage for the alternative cinematic experience.

Oddball Film & Video

Oddball Film + Video is a unique stock footage company specializing in offbeat footage.


Database for arts events in San Francisco Bay Area

PXL This

Webpage for the all Pixelvision 2000 film festival.


Online Media

Bijou Cafe

Bijou is dedicated to streaming the best in old and new independent films.


Integrating live web-casting technologies, both video and audio, SuperSphere is a global experiment in bringing independently produced media to our contemporaries and peers.