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OtherZine Issue #30 online!
Welcome to our website for our ongoing series of experimental cinema in San Francisco. We show films every Saturday at ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia (@ 21st). Showtime 8:30pm, admission* $7.


Meanwhile, please enjoy our Orphan Morphin' Manifesto (In 3-D through ChromaDepth glasses).

Orphan Morphin


M a T e R i A L cinema

Issue #30 explores the material processes of film making, and film presentation, whether digital or analogue, small-screen, handmade or multiplex; performed, or projected, performed and projected, an historical or recent work in performance or publication…We are especially proud of this wonderful and enigmatic collection; clever, individual pieces each bringing a thoughtful glance at or analyzing some component of “materiality” with a very  strong emphasis, as it turns out, upon “live” cinema performance, and the performance of cinema.

A spate of “road” related pieces relating to experimental exhibition graces our pages: Evie Salmon interviewing James Riley of Fleapit; Tara Nelson talking to Bill Daniel about his sure to be fantastic, forthcoming book, Tri X Noise! Plus new writing around upcoming exhibition Timeless Motion is brought to us from experimental animator (and TM member) Kathleen Quillian, one of the exhibiting artists.

Other guest writers include Bernard Roddy working from Rotterdam on elegant dual projection film performance and rare film art.  French scholar Emilie Vergé excavates the transformed celluloid sensibilities of the Bay Area’s silt collective, while Finnish electronic artist extraordinaire Petri Kuljuntausta elaborates on his unique video image installations produced with old vinyl record grooves. Karl Mendonca engages the obscure role of ‘intermission’ time while Kevin Obsatz deconstructs the lonely life of a multiplex projectionist in Part Two of his series on giving up the mainstream. Marc Olmsted touches on the stalker-type “selfie” trope as it originated in horror flicks such as The Blair Witch Project. And, once again proving that there is merit in the obvious, David Cox exacts a boatload of meaning from “man”made aesthetics in notorious big-name works! We are also delighted to have included Sara Bonaventura’s artists’ project on her film Moonbow Thief, and Dan Browne’s ecstatic display of 16mm frames!!!

Finally, OtherZine is especially pleased to have with us two of the most important feminist filmmakers working in experimental animation, experimental documentary, and found footage: dear, dear friend and colleague Lynne Sachs on the life-long influence to her of SFAI teacher/filmmaker Gunvor Nelson…(complete with Gunvor’s notes) AND (so excited!!!) the words and work of radicalized feminist animator Kelly Gallagher interviewed by curator/writer Kate Ewald–as well her beautiful collage for OtherZine’s front page!

Current and past issues are also available at: http://www.othercinema.com/otherzine/

Read Issue #30 on material cinema this February.

OtherZine is edited by Molly Hankwitz.

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