Craig Baldwin's Expanded Cinema Performances    

Crosstown Traffic, Other Cinema, ATA, 2019

10th Dimension, Shapeshifters Cinema, Temescal Art Center, Oakland, 2019

Nth Dimension, Union Docs, New York, 2019

Archival Anomalies, Flea Market Films, Pittsburgh, 2019

Nth Dimension, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Reunion Gallery, Chicago, 2018

Lighter than Air, Other Cinema, ATA, 2018

Nth Dimension, Recombinant Festival, Gray Area, 2017

Re-Tracking 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Other Cinema, ATA, 2017

Polyvision, Other Cinema, ATA, 2017

Nth Dimension, AntiMatter Film Festival, Victoria BC, 2017

Barrel o' Holes, Other Cinema, ATA, 2017 

LOUPS, Other Cinema, ATA, 2017

Double Negative, Other Cinema, ATA, 2017

Water Worship, Luggage Store Gallery, 2017

Crazed Crystals, Other Cinema, 2016 , 2017

C.I.A. S.U.X., Other Cinema, ATA, 2016

H202, Other Cinema, ATA, 2016

Milk of Amnesia, Other Cinema, ATA, 2016

Time Bomb, Other Cinema, ATA, 2016

Night Light: Dimensions of Change, SOMARTS, 2015

Hot Pickled Capers, Other Cinema, ATA, 2015

Harmonic Emotion, Other Cinema, ATA, 2014

Nth Dimension, Bright Family Screening Room, Emerson College, Boston, 2014

Gravity Spells: Nth Dimension, Kala Art Insisute, Berkeley, 2014

Wise Dreams and Fables of the Sky, Old First Church, 2014

Weird Shift, Homeland Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2013

United Film, Headlands Center for the Arts, 2013

9th Dimension, Shapeshifters Cinema, Temescal Art Center, Oakland, 2013

United Film, SPAZ Brunch, ATA Galleery, 2010

Radical Pole Vaulting, BAMPFA, Berkeley, 2010

New Year’s Countdown, Foreign Cinema, 2009

New Dark Ages, ATA Gallery, 2009

Nanocinema, ATA Gallery, 2008

California Files, Wattis Institute of Art, 2007

Geisha on LSD, ATA Gallery, 2007 

Double Projection on Rooftop, Clarion Alley Mural Project, 2005, 2006

Time's Up, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 2002

Anker Weighs Anchor, Bay View Boat Club, 2002

Scumrock, Jon Moritsugu, 2002

This Ain't No Sports Bar, Soap Factory, Minneapolis/Walker Art Center Residency, 2000

Wifflefist, Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, 2000

Moonlight Cocktails, Ann Arbor Film Fest, 2000

Tentacle Session #19, Blue Bar, 1999

Pagan Angels, 1998, George Kuchar

Screen Whirled, Taos Film Festival, Bareiss Gallery, New Mexico, 1996

Jack Ruby's Carousel Club: Conspiracy A-Go-Go, ATA Gallery, 1992

Tribulation 99 live performance, ProArts Gallery, Oakland, 1991

Fill Thy Crack with Whiteness, 1989, George Kuchar

The Celluloids, 1988, George Kuchar

Video Jukebox: Society of the Spectacle, Art Grip , 1986

U.S. Interventions, Club Nine Art Motel, 1986

Liberace Lives!, Club Nine Art Motel, 1985

Invertebrates, ARE Gallery, 1983

Around Midnight, Club Generic, 1982

White Bicycle, Project One, 1979

Why Not?, UC Davis, Davis, 1972