Synopsis: A radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western, and even horror genres, Craig Baldwin's Mock Up On Mu cobbles together a feature-length "collage-narrative" based on (mostly) true stories of California's post-War sub-cultures of rocket pioneers, alternative religions, and Beat lifestyles. Pulp-serial snippets, industrial-film imagery, and B- (and Z-) fiction clips are intercut with newly shot live-action material, powering a playful, allegorical trajectory through the now-mythic occult matrix of Jack Parsons (Crowleyite founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab), L.Ron Hubbard (sci-fi author turned cult-leader), and Marjorie Cameron (bohemian artist and "mother of the New Age movement"). Their intertwined tales spin out into a speculative farce on the militarization of space, and the corporate take-over of spiritual fulfillment and leisure-time.


Damon Packard as L.Ron Hubbard
Michelle Silva as Marjorie Cameron
Kal Spelletich as Jack Parsons
Stoney Burke as Lockheed Martin

Year of Production: 2008
Length: 110 mins.
Format: 16mm to DigiBeta
Director, Producer, Writer: Craig Baldwin
Director of Photography: Bill Daniel
Editor: Sylvia Schedelbauer

"...an allegorical cyclone of images and ideas haunted by sardonic humor and gnostic longing" Erik Davis, Techgnosis

"...this new work hits your synapses like a cluster bomb, assailing your tremulous gray matter with a barrage of cinematic fragments (most recycled, some newly shot), miscellaneous rants and ruminations"––Manohla Dargis of the New York Times

"...Mock Up on Mu is a modern American myth fashioned from all manner of cultural detritus"––Jim Hoberman of the Village Voice

"...Nuclear waste, floating space weapons, cocktail-bar seductions: All blur anarchically with footage and sound from sources ranging from The Brain That Wouldn’t Die to Capricorn One"––Joshua Rothkopf of Time Out New York

"...Featuring everything from badass Spaghetti Westerns to seedy Vegas crime thrillers to papier-mâché Z-movie sci-fi extravaganzas, the lifted material forms an alternative U.S. history in which a plot by Hubbard and Martin to colonize space (and employ energy technologies in the service of militarization) is resisted by Parsons and Cameron, who enlist occult magick to fight the power"––Michael Joshua Rowin of L Mag

"..an often hilarious, sometimes inscrutable, always original film that’s part pop-cultural fantasia, part capitalist critique"––New York Magazine

"MOCK UP ON MU...tells the story what happened with Lockheed Martin, L. Ron Hubbard and the mother of the new age movement all got together in the California desert after World War Two."––Nathan Lee , WNYC Audio interview with Richard Hake. click here to listen to the review

"[N]o one chops and cuts the viscera of our schizoid culture with quite the glee and gusto of Baldwin, and MOCK UP ON MU will send its dazzled, slightly befuddled viewers blinking into the bright sunlight of a subtly altered world."–Peter Culley

"In MOCK UP ON MU Baldwin may have found a new method of cinematic storytelling. Don’t expect Hollywood to pick it up soon."–David Bordwell